Helped make history


Heloped load the first 777-9 (777x composite wing with folding tip) today.

It’s almost /too/ big.

Wider span than the gigantic 747, by about 39 feet I think. 10 feet longer than the 747-8.

Wish I could post pictures.


Is it your one weekend a month or two weeks a year?




Well Done and Thank You for your Service!


No that’s his “Day Job” working for Boeing.


Very cool.


The only reason boeing survived is that the cia stole all airbuses plans and gave them to boeing


do some learnin



Could be, but Boeing is quietly yuuuge in Aerospace (ie War stuff)


Folding tip because it won’t fit hangars?


Terminals, hangers and etc.

Granted there are special hangers and terminals for the A380, but its vastly expensive to get all that done.

Easier for the consumer to just utilize a folding wing tip.


An extra moving part, what could possibly go wrong?


No kidding.


Theoretically it should be trouble free.


But it’s not like it’s Boeing’s first or even second folding wing, so…

Default position if it ever breaks would be down, so that’s a plus.


Airplane makers know how to do this sort of thing.

An A6 on a hangar deck of a carrier, the A6 is or was one of the oldest airframes in the navy, back when I was in.


The tech isn’t new at all.
F4s and F14s some more jets that utilize it.


Loading left wing as we speak… with inches to spare on either side of the WBJ assembly


I expected the 777 to be newer looking, and bigger and shinier.


I’ll give you something like that