Holy smokes


These trumpers are nutty as fuck… hope they all die of covid. Read the replies, wow lol.


“I used to be an unhappy person, until I learned about being angry at inanimate objects, blessed!”


I only cuss out my tv when Turnip head is on.

Sorry, that was inappropriate. Turnips have done nothing to be compared to Trump. My apologies to turnips everywhere.


However I must admit I know a few sportsball fans that go completely emo when watching their team.


My girlfriend’s aunt is a complete loon. Covid is a hoax! She refuses to wear a mask and if she’s asked to put on one at stores, she yells at them that she won’t come back; also she’s suing Costco for the mask policy. She berates her grown children that seem to have gotten a clue somewhere…couldn’t be from mom.

I can be a right pragmatic gals at times. I asked my friend, “So, where’s Lilian going to be able to shop?”

She lives up in the California Gold Country, not exactly full of shopping centers or malls.


That bitch I was working for in CA is still calling it a hoax. She’s not necessarily a Trumper, she just doesn’t like the truth because it effects her bottom line… my idiot brother is the same.


What a moron!




Average poster at SG. :joy::rofl: