Hugh, You Bunny Lover You


Hugh Hefner has died at 91.


When I was fifteen or twenty, I was jealous of him cuz of all the trim he was pulling.

But in his dotage, he showed himself to be just another smart businessman with a monkey on his back.


In the words of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons:



He had already made his fortune by then and probably didn’t really give a fuck but he dropped the ball when everything went internet, so did Larry Flynt. The old dinosaurs of porn weren’t ready for the new shit and it cost em a lot compared to what they could have had.



An unnamed official at the scene says they suspect foreplay.


If he descended into hell, it would give new meaning to the term “going down”.

OTOH, if he makes it to heaven, THAT gives new meaning to “getting it up”.


Well, limbo is not an option, given all the viagra he’s taken




Today has been declared a National day of mourningwood.


Wabbit, just wondering if you know how the Bunnies are taking it.


There was an article on the Yahoo scroll yesterday on that. I am doing my best to provide sympathetic support, I assure you.


It occurs to me you may have meant something other than I originally read it as.


Well it was nice of POTUS to express his condolence stylings for MR Hefner.


I’m sure they take things very well, usually being in a perfect position to do so.


He is not a favorite among feminists. Just sayin.

Only the good die young.



And the stupid.