I am eager for news from Roose Bolton


I think my predicted date for the Blessed Event has passed as of yesterday evening, but surely our wait is nearly over.


No signs as of yet. Due date is still Wednesday…




She arrived at 430 this morning. 4 kg and 53 cm


Congratulations, Daddy-O. She sounds like a substantial bundle of joy.

Regards to her mother and a tear of awe for her.


She prefers feeding and being held on teh right side. But she cries a lot. So iĹź she con or LIB. Ee are not sĂĽre yet.


Wonderful news!:slight_smile:


I was just shy of 4.5 kg. My poor mother.:slight_smile:


My poor mother’s last baby was also a tad over 4.5


Congrats Daddio!


Your bundle of joy can celebrate her special day with MrsWabbit!

I am really really happy for you, Roose. Get sleep…


Extend my Birthday greetings to MrsWabbit.



May she grow to be a healthy lefty!

How is your wife?


In some pain from the operation but very happy


Did she have a C-section? Or do you mean the episiotomy?


Or a genital mutilation? (Just asking, sheesh!)


Holy heck. I bet mom is relieved.

Congrats, palamine. :smiley:


R.I.P. Roose… your life is over… lol…


Pretty much. But the years kids live at home are over in flash. So appreciate every minute. Even the ones when your baby is crying at the top of her lungs.


Congrats Roose! Now the fun in life really begins. You’re going to have a blast!!!