I guess Berniebots prefer a Trump shit sandwich


All we need is for them to give us Trump again. The children in cages, Covid-19 and protesters being brutalized is just not enough to convince her otherwise. What motherfucking assholes!

"Speaking with The Atlantic, Nina Turner, a cochair of Sanders’ failed presidential campaign, explained why the decision between Trump and Biden was so disappointing for some progressive Democrats.

“It’s like saying to somebody, ‘You have a bowl of s— in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.’” Turner said. “It’s still s—.”



I hope the BernieBros come to their senses, Joe wasn’t my first choice, but I do believe his heart is mostly in the right place, and he is not a career scammer. And I think Joe would nominate people with relevant experience and education in their respective departments.


I think we would get a huge measure of competency back in government.


And fucking listen to them instead of firing them if he doesn’t like what they say.


Agreed, tho the bar is somewhat low at the present…


It would be nice seeing our President hobnobbing with world leaders, and doing world leader shit, without all the embarrassment of the current lump.

Our Closet Allies yukking it up over Trump. #worldrespect


Let’s not let Bernie Bros off the hook that easily by pivoting to what we despise about Trump. These people could stick us with Trump again.