I myself have never used the services of a prostitute


Growing up in Ortonville Michigan there weren’t a lot of opportunities to come across them. College was one long fuck fest so who needed them? I was living with my wife by 86 and so anything where one might find them like Craigslist wasn’t even invented so no, never used the services of a pro. Not against it. I’m not a prude, I’m just setting up this story.

On the list of things I’d hire a hooker for, performing oral sex on HER would be waaaaaaaaaay down the list of why I’d pay her for her time. Besides, if you’re bad they shoot you.


One small step in the long journey towards equality between men and women re senseless gun violence. Bravo!


The young man had grown up hearing his older brothers and uncles talking about the sweet tastes of pussy, so he was a little excited when his pa took him to the local brothel on his 18th. He picks out his girl and they go back to her room, they agree on a price for him to just “taste her pussy” soon he’s going to town and having the time of his life, when suddenly he gets a kernel of corn in his mouth, he’s puzzled being new to this and all…then a minute or two later he slurps up and small cube of carrot, he pauses and asks her, “Hey Hon, have you been sick or something?” “Nah, but the guy before you got sick”







If I found out any man I was with had used the services of a prostitute, he would never touch me.


What if he had already touched you before you found out? :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s also the widely reported issue of men lying about their sexual activities.


It is a rite of passage - boy to man. If a guy has never been to a 'tute then he isn’t a man.


Then I would subject myself to a year of celibacy until the AIDS/STD tests came back clear.

And that man would never touch me again.


In this day and age of deadly sexually transmitted diseases, I don’t know why any man would risk it.


Any professional prostitute is going to require a condom…


I’ll take your word :wink:


Does a handjob in a hair salon by two Asian chicks count?


A hand job doesn’t bug me.


That might have been true in the 50s. These days, any half way decent looking boy can find a girl his own age to sleep with him. No need for prostitutes to help him through that transition.


I grew up in a different day and age. Lucky me. The sad part, however, is having to know the degree to which everything is degraded in this age.


I didn’t and even I can see things are going to shit.


Shit, it’s the best time ever to be alive, that different day and age shit the old timers are clamoring about, there was just as much bullshit then as there is now.

But in reality I’m pretty sure most everyone here lives like GODS compared to our ancestors… we’ve never had it so good… but westerners are eternally unhappy, spoiled rotten I guess… even most people in 3rd world countries that have nothing enjoy their lives more than most westerners. lol


I think we don’t work hard enough physically so we get depressed. Plus the food we eat is shit.