Impossible burger


Actually tastes even better than rotting animal carcass if you can believe that or not… we had some meatless meat sauce and spaghetti…




So what’s 12 oz’s of Plant Genocide usually run?




I’m going to try it, if I run into it…seems a bit expensive for cow feed tho.


These are good too… these are $4 for a two pack at Winco… $5.99+ at Safeway… the Impossible Burger might be cheaper if you can find it somewhere else too.



The cheese is actually pretty good too… what I’ve tried…




My roommate liked the chickn… I had a Chickn Sandwich at Veggie Grill the other night and it was ok, deep fried and a little greasy… not quite popeyes though lol… I like the burgers better.



I haven’t tried this personally but when my roommate fixed some one morning it smelled incredible, made me hungry for bacon.



We need a Yuk smiley. JK


Vegan cheeses from a restaurant downtown, excellent.


BK have some plant based burgers that are said to be as good as their beef burgers. That ain’t saying much.:grin:


I’ve wanted to try a plant-based burger like these.

I’ve had a bean burger from a place around here and it just fell apart. Wasn’t bad though, just hard to eat. I did notice they used a lot of spices to cover up lack of meat taste… Chipotle, cayenne etc


I tried one of the BK burgies a while back it all right.


I’ve tried other brands like Gardein and wasn’t impressed, but the Impossible Burger and the Beyond Burgers are great.


Either I eat meat, yummy meat, or I don’t. Fake meat doesn’t interest me in the least. Especially since there is more mystery to what goes into those fakes then what they used to feed us in school.



I’m with you. I like rotting animal carcass. We evolved to eat it.

I especially enjoy bovine rotting animal carcass…a nice juice porterhouse or rib eye…yum fucking yum.

I don’t even like ground turkey, it doesn’t taste like anything. I’d rather just have regular turkey…


needs a slice of vegan cheese, they need to start using vegan mayo and ketchup on them too. But not bad at all.


Two words for ya… “pink slime” :grin:


That’s if you go to McD’s. My own are ground beef from the butcher or a meat display in the store.


Ever been to Kirk’s Steakburgers in Campbell? The best…right off of Bascom near Union…or so…