It takes a good guy in a stolen car to stop a bad guy in a stolen car



fuck I need to get “The Club.”


Just ordered one, I’ve noticed a lot of vehicles that you probably wouldn’t get full coverage on have clubs on them around here. I see cars that have obviously been stolen, stripped and abandoned regularly while I’m out and about around town. Car theft is def. a problem here.


Not sure why, but it’s been that way for decades, car burglaries used to be yuge too. Not sure about a car theft, but a stolen stereo, they just give you a case #, in case you have insurance and then tell you to quit bothering them.


I think I read somewhere that OR has lax laws on car theft maybe.


That might be.


I saw one up the street for a week awhile back in front of a school, all the tires gone, down on its axles almost, windows smashed, all fucked… it was a week before they got it off the street. I’ll start taking pics of them when I see them and posting them somewhere that people might find their cars.