It was 45 years ago today Dock Ellis dropped acid and then pitched a no hitter




The article claims he was trippin, but in the small print it says he was lifted up on Dexamyls.

Wonder which it is…


By a strange coincidence, that same year, I pitched a 9-0 loss while having an acid flashback during a game. It all started in the top of the 3rd while my team was batting in a scoreless game. My coaches had smartly forgotten to take any water for us kids to keep ourselves refreshed with so , I walked over to the home team’s bench and asked if I could have a cup of their water. I was a long haired hippy kid with a rocket arm and wicked stuff, which by then they were very well aware of, and out of respect they offered me from their supply, As I’m taking a sip I hear this guy from the stands say in my direction, “You are sure to win now that you are drinking the magic water”. Third inning I get out to the mound, my catcher says “Let’s make this a quick one”. Oh - I should mention we were a fielder short. Then the face and eye buzz starts. Every fuckin ball was misplayed by fielders or hit into the the vacant position, including one pop-up which I called everybody off of because I was passed trusting them by then, and I dropped. 9 freekin runs in the 3rd, none truly earned I don’t think. Anyway, I was aces the rest of the innings as usual. …but the magic fuckin water comment set me off on a ride.


That’s the most distressing Bad Juju Story I’ve ever heard, Midge.

I hope you’re just bullshitting and it’s not really true. No kid should have to live through such an experience.


You know all of my stories are true - every word.

It toughened me for later life, so in the end it was a good thing.

Always look on the bright side of life, I always say.