It's been fun


I think there is also an element of attention whoring at work. Being “stalked” on the internets is like being " raped" on campus.


It’s possible for two things to be at play here, isn’t it? Thing 1) The stupidity of sharing personal info with someone you do not know. But more to the point, Thing 2) the depravity of people who do shitty things to people who share personal info with them. There is really no excuse whatsoever for Thing 2.


Why don’t you take that shit to Roosh’s site?


Banned from there.


Have you ever considered therapy?


I have friends with whom I can discuss my problems - no need to pay.


Anthony Wiener says he has a sickness. Should we not have compassion for the stalker? Do they not also have a sickness?

One has to wonder if the name didn’t send his life careening off track. Perhaps the name is at fault.


Yes, they have a sickness. And they should get help. And get off the innernets. And be arrested if they do something egregious.


I remember Martha suggested therapy. :laughing:


That’s part of why we named this board cbt, cognitive behavioural therapy.


So why leave this forum if it was not someone here


Paranoia? IDK


That kind of thing can turn people off of internetting altogether.


I have a friend who was a victim of identity theft and as a result, she does not ever go online. She doesn’t have internet.

But, then again, this may be AWing. Who knows?


Enyways, the phrase “poetic justice” comes to mind, as does some suspicion when dealing with the Troll race of internet posters.


Well fuck,

If ya know who they are what is the problem?




Indeed, she should just dox the douchebag and be done with it. I have always considered PI to be a form of mutually assured destruction…


From yer Dear Prudie…

Dear Prudence,
I made a long-distance friend a year ago who is very unstable. He seemed normal at first, but as the time went on, he grew more abusive, and later admitted he suffers from untreated anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder. I myself have anxiety, so I try not to judge, and originally I just figured his abuse wasn’t too much of a problem because he lives far away and we don’t talk that often. However, he has started sending me long texts telling me why I’m a terrible person, even though I’m his only remaining friend. He also harasses his family members and was recently uninvited to his sister’s wedding. I’ve tried to explain to him how his behavior hurts me, but he dismisses me as being “dramatic.” Negotiating is not an option. I know cutting this guy out of my life is a no-brainer, but he’s threatening to blackmail me online. The good news is he doesn’t have any evidence of wrongdoing on my part, but I have told him some of my more embarrassing personal stories, and I fear that he will attempt to slander me in public. He doesn’t know where I live, and I have him blocked on Facebook, but he has managed to track down some of my real friends, and I fear he will harass them, too. He also threatened to make fake dating profiles of me and give my number to strangers and sure enough, today I got a message from an OkCupid member. Did I mention I don’t have an account? Prudie, please help! I know this is a toxic friendship, but the fear of public humiliation is a big one for me. Do I stay friends with this monster and keep the peace? Or should I rock the boat in an attempt to finally free myself from him?


Jut cut their fucking throat

Nobody fucking stalks me - one or both of us will die