JCS Says troops will not engage in border enforcement


Suck it Trump.


So he’s “resigning” soon too, I presume.


Not sure if the POTUS can fire him, but prolly. Since he is CINC


That doesn’t mean they arent going.

They can do everything in their power to assist BP.

Why do you hate America?


Sounds to me like you need to have a sit down with your CJCS and explain the facts of life to him.


Fueling, fixing trucks and providing food isn’t working the border. :man_shrugging:


Do these tasks require military training?


Since they are not actively enforcing the border, their being there doesn’t add much value to the operations and functions of the teams of various agencies and jurisdictions already in place. But it sure looks good on the evening news.


Boro would have the troops there for shits and photos, nothing more. Why does Boro disrespect are troops?


I guess Boro doesn’t car about the families torn apart as the service members are sent to the border areas for photo op duty, maybe the troops can paint all the rocks lining the border white while they’re down there.


Handing out water – tough work for their IQ

they will need counseling no doubt

LMAO @ fucking lifers


You always say that but most of those dudes will probably never reenlist :man_shrugging:


To utilize the Army equipment, sure.

Why shouldn’t the Army help protect the borders? Isn’t that the very core of what the military is supposed to do?


They were stupid enuf to join to begin with

I would slice my own fucking jugular first


Shame you didn’t lol


If only we had some other federal entity whose specific job it was too, say, patrol the border, or something.


Military assistance gives them more time actually on the border.

If any time you’re getting a major influx of anything, you call in help. Fast food? Call in another worker. Industry? Call in help. Etc, etc. I wish liberals would stop whining, it’s not like the military is hourly. They’re not wasting tax payer money sweeping the rain.


And what “major influx” are we talking about here?


Any time you move a lot of people it costs a lot of money - and what about the rocks that don’t get painted and trash picked up?


LOL they used to spend a fortune flying me around when I was in a band… on the back of the travel orders it would have an estimated cost of the entire trip for airfare, hotels, etc… one two month excursion was like $450,000 per person in the band. Good thing they’re not ran like a business aye! :stuck_out_tongue: