Just watched this one on air disasters - another reason never to get on a plane


Say cancelling IFR - WTF srsly


I don’t need another reason not to get on a plane. Haven’t been on one since '99.


Every time you get in a car, your odds of dying are prolly about 100,000 times greater than when you get into a plane. (I didn’t do the actual math, but you know the numbers are way the fuck up there.)


At least I am driving the car - the last air disasters I watched the pilot was tired after an all night coke thing and the co-pilot was not good enuf for a tricky night landing and once again they took took the dangerous path to save 8 fucking minutes, or how about the one where they were in a hurry and did not wait 29 seconds for the nav stuff to get the fix it needed - 29 seconds


The only safe way to fly is in a Hot Air Balloon…FACT