Kim is a mastermind



He’s playing tRump like a Fender Rhodes.


…or a pawnshop ukulele.


As many commentators have noted – why should Kim trust Trump after Trump pulled out of the Iran deal?


Plus if Kim ties this to exercises with SK, it’s not like TRUMP will back off of those…


Sure tRump will. He’s so eager to convince people he can “do it” that he’ll give away anything to make this summit happen. It’s all about him.

Including telling our seventy-year allies that they’re on their own.


Kim knows a failure here could cost additional seats in 2018. He’s practically an ally at the moment.

Then again - Looks like Trump is working on winning back China. :wink:


He canceled the meeting with Trump, didn’t he? That makes him an ally?




The new Sec of State was over there sucking Kims ass

Cheeto was ready to reduce troop levels

fuck me

I know 4 year kids who are wiser tacticians