Let's Keep an Eye on This


Game at 2 on CBS.
Tosca on the Radio at now.



Oh interesting, maybe the Blazer will trade for him, Are Blazers like the broken big mens.


This injury came at the end of the Rockets game which the Pels won. Cousins missed a freethrow nearly getting his own rebound and came down on one foot while tipping the ball out. Pels were rollin too.


Whoa! 7 minutes in - Duke with only 6 points. Cavs up 10-6

Ginya looking very tough - up 9 with 8 1/2 to go in the half. 23-14




32-22 at the Half.
Duke at about half their usual scoring output.

Duke takes lead 44-42

Cavaliers back on top with 3:42 in reg. 57-55

Did I bill this as a gem?

Virginia a winnia 65-63