Love it out here part 4


Must be the special taxes for schools, etc that they put on gas. It has to be something.


I’ve read California gas is more refined than other states for less pollution and a higher price.


I just punched in the weather and I thought fuck that’s awful, summer is over… and then I saw it was the weather for where I used to live in Illinois LOL


I played guitar a little at the music store the other day and they had this cool fender table/shelf thing for their amps in the fender section… Nice store, friendly people running it… didn’t mind me playing their guitars…



You shud start a trans band

cud catch on and youse would make trillions


You could call it the Trans-Sisters

And play surf music


Their web site is shit, maybe you could help them out Billdo.


I thought that’s what “Boy” bands are…


Cud be - I ain’t up on sich


Most places with crappy sites are ok with them, I’ve seen a lot worse, it just needs a lot more content and should focus more towards selling stuff I would think.


Agreed, it was nice looking, but I go to a music store web site because I am looking for something musical. And they are lacking in that, their FB page isn’t bad, but they should do more than just daily specials once every so often.


We picked this Cost Plus World Market kitchen table with two leaves and six chairs up in Novato for free today…



Then we drove off and left his dog J. Peterman there… we got like almost out of town and he asked me if I wanted to go to the dog park and I’m like yeah, what about you J. Peterman and looked back there and he was gone… he was right next door when we went back, super nice neighborhood.


Went for a walk in my new neighborhood today for the first time, seems really nice to me… love it here too… I was headed to the Cotati Oktoberfest but they were tearing it down by the time I got there, earlier today it was packed. There’s a nice little shopping/restaurant center a couple blocks away… La Plaza Park and a bunch of restaurants etc. down the street by it.









Weird coincidence as well, this place is the epicenter for the whole growing California legal weed industry, from Petaluma to Santa Rosa and I’m right in the middle of it all… applying for weed jobs right now!


My favorites weed outlet is in Cotati. Cool you finding your way around, and making me homesick


I hope it’s not Mercy Wellness… I went in there yesterday and walked out, it was like yuppie weed store, stood in line forever to pay $50 for an eighth and I knew they were still going to charge me tax, after the line didn’t move forever I just left and drove to santa rosa and paid $45 but I didn’t have to stand in line forever.


The $4.49 was a typo. I meant $2.49, but that’s only regular.:slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, $2.57 even though the taxes are nine cents more than a year ago.


3.25 here in tourist town.