NJ Democrat calls for ‘hunt’ of Republican congressman




That’s a bit over the top, but I love how Faux labels him a “Democrat” implying this is a serving elected official.


IKR? Those fucks are so deep in the bullshit they’ll never get out alive.

Or, so I hope anyway.


Fox = Disingenuous douchebags.



This is just almost exactly like when Repoops targeted Democrap candidates in crosshairs. If you remember them ads.


Actually, it wasn’t “repoops” as a class…just Palin and her people with the crosshairs thing. Gabby Giffords was impacted by it, 158 grains at a time, several times…along with bystanders.


[quote=“E_Normus_Johnson, post:6, topic:21463, full:true”]
Actually, it wasn’t “repoops” as a class…
[/quote]Who you pratec’in, mang?