Of course it's like Russia they're running shit now



TRUMP does admire him some Pootin’.


Do liberals think this border wall means no immigration?

Are they too stupid to realize no one has a problem with legal immigration?

What is wrong with people… smh.

Apples and orange comparison, this meme is


It’s a quote, not a meme.

Do you understand the difference? probably not


You’re an idiot if you think building a big overbloated wall is going to stop or even really slow illegal immigration.


white supremacists Nazi mother fuckers like you want to stop the kind of immigration that built the country

Yer so fucking clueless no amount of splainin will fix it

Like only white mother fucking PHD’s from Norway could come - guess what - you could not pay them to come.


If you hate illegal immigration you better stop eating meat and chicken because they do ALL of that shit work… take your lily white assses out to the farms and the slaughter houses and meat packing plants and get to work hillbillies.