Omg it's crazy at work


PG&E is supposed to shut off the power tonight.


Fetch yer enloops and a real headlamp - and work by that -

Improvise - adapt


It said it could take as much as five days to fully restore it.

Oh, and the link to the address lookup doesn’t work


Say what, they’re turning the lights off in the BA?


Yes. And I think it’s high time PG&E was made a public utility.


Wow, that is unusual, but after the paradise fire fiasco, I guess they want to try and be safer.


mrsWab was finally able to do an address search and we are about a block away from a shutoff zone. :sweat_smile:


Can you link me to a place to check? Thanks in advance.


She must have got a lucky timing window, for me it vacillates between timing out and page not found. Maybe you’ll get a lucky click.


Map #19 at the top of this site may help enough, click the square-of-9-dots under the main map to get the array of maps.

Billdo, you might want to take a gander as well.

Edit: the link Apey just posted has the same map app on display.


Thanks for the info gents, we’re also just a few blocks, maybe 3 from shut off area.


Power’s still on, I knew they wouldn’t shut it off!



A bit late but this popped up in my news feed today… easy address lookup


Are the shut offs only to residences, or are some businesses and industry getting shut down too?


It seems they’ve left the power on closer to the main highways but if you’re an individual or business who isn’t near a main route you’re probably shut down.

A friend of mine in Napa said he drove to work in Sonoma and to Vallejo today and no traffic signals working either way and just mass traffic chaos.


Has the feeding frenzy calmed down in the store yet?


day off yesterday and today! I’m probably not driving all the way over there tomorrow if the power is still out.




I’m lucky, my power never went out.