Once again Trump says fuck law and order


And due process, puts a hit out on unknown suspect.


Well I mean… law an order says they’ll go through due process… if they’re ever found.


That’s some bullshit, shooting cops and then blocking the ER entrance.

What the fuck is the point here? To be murders like the cops?


Are you sure it even happened or did the failed state media just know what to say to trigger people against the protesters??? They lie about the Portland protests all the time.


I saw it on video.


I haven’t seen any video, I just saw a faux article making the claim… Also are you sure what you saw lasted more than a minute or two? Did they gas the crowd or come out and beat everyone half to death? Because if protesters would have actually been doing what they claimed they definitely would have.


I hear the insane indoor rally he held was fact checked with a verdict of “deranged,” and FAUX didn’t even air it.

This tweet is just more evidence that Twitter needs to shut him down.


I’ve seen news reports from witnesses


This was really bold. Like I really don’t believe it was a black person. Seems way too brazen


It is interesting that in this day of cameras everywhere, they haven’t released a video.


I saw a security cam video, a very short person in baggy clothes is walking by the Cops Explorer, an then makes a turn towards it and opens fire…