Pa special election



I hope the fucking libertarain fucking scum don’t make the trump guy win

just throw yer fucking vote away


Libertarians usually siphon votes from CONs.


And not give any to the libs

yer argument just fell apart




If they take votes from cons and vot for a liber

those votes could have gone to the con helping him

taking votes away and fucking wasting them is only half as good as putting them in the dem buggy

It’s math L_B


Check this out: If enough CONS vote for a Libertarian, the Dem could win. It’s math, Six.


I am not gona make an example for you

libertarians getting votes fucks the dem doubly if taken from the con

gimme a like here someone who knows fucking rithmatic


libertarian takes votes from the CON
the CON has less votes

libertarian doesn’t take votes from the Dem

if the CON woulda won without the libertarian around, he’s gonna lose with the libertarian running

not sure what you think the math says


if a liberatina takes a vote from a con and gives it to a libertarian



I guess I gotta make a fucking chart for the two a ya


You don’t seem to understand this simple fact: most CON voters who choose a Libertarian over a CON candidate would never vote for the lib under any cirumstances.


How do you figure that vote would have gone to the Democrat if not for the libertarian?

Come on Duke, don’t be going Boromakkot on us here


Lamb with a .4 lead right now. Down to absentee votes. That looks good for Lamb as there are roughly 1000 more absentee votes from Allegheny County than the other 3 GOP counties combined. Lamb has owned Allegheny County.


This is a yuuge defeat for Trumptardism. Bigly.


Well, ok then.


It’s official: Democrat Conor Lamb wins Pennsylvania special election in major upset


LMAO. And Trump went out there twice to stump for the CON. What does that say about Trump’s popularity there?


I saw a writeup that sed this is trumps canary in a coalmine


Mayhaps if Trump had spent less time cheerleading himself, and more time talking up his bootlicker.


Hahaha! Get chopping!