Terrible woman.

Hello 9-1-1, I’m calling to report a crime. There’s a black girl selling water, come arrest her.


I see no one wants to talk about the libs calling the cops on black people.



How did that end for her

I sold lemonade once when I was 6

I sold one - guess that’s better then none


Not so well. The point is that many libs simply talk the talk.

This LIB was annoyed by, what she claims, was a loud back woman. NIMBY

We sold tamales when I was a kid. We were poor, but we didn’t just sit still and shoot up heroin and hate other groups of people because life is hard.


Now don’t go putting all LIBS in a box. It coulda been meth yanno


That part was no longer about Libs. It was more about entitlement. That’s certainly a real problem in America.


She’s an idiot and now she’s a meme

Let the kids enjoy themselves


Woman Dubbed ‘Permit Patty’ Says She’s Gotten Death Threats Over Viral Video of Her Calling Police on 8-Year-Old Girl


Is “Permit Patty” a Libertarian?


don’t group her with us please


White guy ranting at minority using racial slurs after a fender bender.


Anyone notice we don’t have video of minorities ranting at Caucasians? No black, brown or yellow #permitpatty or #bbqbecky? I have noticed in whiich direction the suspicion and hatred comes from. It’s very disheartening.


Patty got the short end of the stick

she is the victim here


What’s in your drinking water?


Who the fcuk would want a screaming kid outside the window?

She could have sold her stuff in a more mannerly manner


Please. She isn’t out in the woods, she’s in SF.

My neighbor must have 7 kids, one of them is crying at all manner of day and night. I’ve never called the cops. Wtf, kids are noisy.

People are noisy. People like you are entitled.


Crying kids is fine - I cud care less about crying kids - thats what they do sometimes

How the fuck am I entitled - you have no fucking idea of the shitholes I lived in

If anyone is fucking entitled it’s her and her mother who never taught her manners

It’s just fucking decency - color is irrelevant


Kid was trying to show iniative and make a buck. There are ordinances in CA for noise complaints. The middle of the day is a waste of time to complain about here.


#pool patrol paul

Jasmine Edwards said she and her son were the only black people at the pool when Adam Bloom called the police. Police say he refused to believe Edwards lived in his neighborhood.

Watch the short video. The asshat refused to apologize for being a racist asshole.



picnicking while Puerto Rican - gasp - the nerve


TRUMP thinks they’re not Americans, so TRUMPtards think it too. Why question what you already know?