Pet squirrel


This dude we know in CA, he does tree service work. The other day he saved a gray squirrel from a wood chipper and the squirrel started following him around. Now it rests up on his shoulder gives him squirrel kisses. Lays in his lap and lets him pet him and kicks his leg like a dog when you hit the right spot… it’s hilarious…


Axe him for pics, and share?


Man I wish @Bigdukesix was here to see this




THREAD OF THE FUKIN WEEK HERE, makes me sooo happy.

I know, to a lot of ppl squirrels are just rats with bushy tails, but there’s a squirrel in the crest of my family’s coat of arms and I’ve always liked the little fukkers… both teh grays and teh reds.


Pic or GTFO


This is a tiny rendering. There should be two of the pointy crosses in chief, not one. And the squirrel should be “proper” … i.e., an English brown squirrel, so, BROWN… and holding a sprig of oak tree in his paws gnawing on an acorn. Best I can do on short notice…I have better art on this comp but can’t recall the filename.



shit is hilarious, he should make YouTube vids and train the squirrel


If nothing else, tell him about Imgur.Com Imgur is a pic and gif sharing site And imgur loves cute cuddly critters big and small.

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