Peter Green's "Supernatural"


Peter Green isn’t well known except among older guitar players. He replaced Clapton in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers around 1965, did a stint there, and went on to be a founding member of the original (first) Fleetwood Mac. He was the first of the English blues invaders to be facile in minor keys, not traditionally a blues thing until he fused it in.

He played a gold top 1959 Les Paul Standard, bought it used. It turned out to have been built by Gibson with standard wiring except the neck pickup was wired “out of phase” into the harness. An accident. It was later refinished natural.

Green didn’t shred, he was a disciple of tone and sustain. His tone gave everyone the chills, from BB King to Santana who became one of his biggest fans. The Holy Grail of tone, Santana said of the guitar.

Green had a bad acid trip at some point and ended up institutionalized thru all the mid-seventies. He re-emerged at the end of the decade but never quite made a real comeback. During this time, his guitar “Greenie” changed hands a few times and ended up with Gary Moore, who had it until he died. It’s either in a museum or a private collection now.

Peter wrote two of the tunes on the one album he did with Mayall. This is one, later covered by Santana. The second clip is Gary Moore playing the exact same guitar to record the same tune.