President Trump is a lying liar who lied


Comey, unplugged: President Trump is a lying liar who lied


Most strikingly, Comey was also asked about his decision to document his meetings with Trump in memos — memos that investigators are trying to obtain and that have been the subject of some media reports. Comey acknowledged in his statement released before the hearing that he didn’t write such memos about his encounters with President Barack Obama.

On Thursday, he explained the reason for the disparate treatment: He believed Trump would lie about those meetings.

“I was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting,” Comey said. “It led me to believe that I gotta write it down, and I gotta write it down in a detailed way. … I knew that there might come a day where I might need a record of what happened, not just to defend myself and the FBI and the integrity of our situation, and the independence of our function.”

Seriously, impeachment is due.


Actually, Trump deserves a promotion.


I would like to see him promoted to Leavenworth.


Promotion to Biggest Liar in the Universe and of All Time?


A president who lies. Who would have thunk?


Yeah. They all lie. But because Trump is a gigantic fecking moran who is fecking up everything, they won’t let him get away with it.


One hopes.