Rancid - it's driving me crazy


The screen goes black and you flex it a tiny bit and it comes back - flex the motherboard - not the screen




Did you try turning it upside down and shaking it?


Probably some sort of short-circuit or a bad solder.

The screen goes black or just very dark? If you can still make out an image, it’s the lamp that’s gone

Lucky for you, you could probably find a used screen for replacement cheap in Ebay


Totally dark - and then flex the bottom and it comes back

Seem to work with the top off - I just put it back and we shall see


A couple laptops ago, I had the hinges break on the laptop, and just made do with them being afu, but little did I know the wiring to the screen was routed through the hinge assembly causing wear and terror on the wires,and shorting out the screen


Dats an easy fix

or you cuda just used a real monitor and throwed the screen away or sich


Computers are dirty cheap in the US

I’d have one in each room if I was still living there


How much are they where you are?

Why not just order one from the US


A very basic model, like this one


First you multiply for 3.5 to have the dollar to real conversion

So, if I were to buy it there, I’d be spending around 1000 reals with taxes. That’s a little more than a monthly minimum
wage here

But since we’re kinda commies, we have a 60% import tax on the price, plus the profits from the reseller, 2000 reals or so to buy it here.

I could import and pay less, but you risk receiving a damage product or never receiving it at all, lots of mail theft here

So, to have some guarantee and the warranty, you might as well pay double the price here

The lucky ones like me have relatives in the US that bring electronics and hanes briefs for them.


That sucks -


Brazilians don’t bother paying taxes, that’s the only way we could fix things here eventually, income is very badly distributed

But what we see here is open squandering and theft of tax money

The import taxes are kinda needed to keep our manufacturing alive, tens of millions of jobs might be lost if China is allowed to flood us with cheap trinkets

Places like the North and Northeast would be devastated economically.


Sometimes kicking it will help.:slight_smile:


I fixed a VCR by punching it on the top once


I fixed a bully by punching his face a few times

He was not looking

a tactical error on his part

I fucking love when the hunted becomes the hunter


Good grief.


Ladies dig’em


That’s why we had the rat mob

You can beat one, ten of them with stones and sticks, not so easy


Sounds like the Conz “flat tax plan” bullshit they want to do here.


Lenovo has nice keyboards - a least the one I have

fucking HP ones dont last long but only cost like 10 bucks