Oh, the Titans coach Mike Vrabel used to play under Belicheck for those same NE Pats



I think the key play that definitely changed the momentum, was when Heisman Winner Marcus Mariota came on and threw that one pass for a short gain. total game changer.


Changed the title for the playoffs.

Vikings upset the Saints in OT, so my 9ers won’t have to face my Seahawks next week, hopefully the week after


I think one of the pundits, said the winner in SEA, goes to visit the Packers next week.


Yes, because the Vikings win and are the lowest seed, they will visit the highest seeded 49ers. They were expected to lose which would have sent the Seahawks/Eagles winner to SF.


My son said about Tom Baby: So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodnight…




They can go up against the Cowboys in a bar trivia contest over the weekend.


Holy crap Mahomes






Niners lookin good.


At this point, “It’s their game to lose”


Best ad so far: Groundhog Day.


Well shit.



But I ate 4 slices of pizza and kept my blood sugar under target all day, so a win for me.


Yeah, I was leaning Niner’s as West Coasties, but a good game all the same.


I can’t recall any specifics at the moment, but I do recall having favorable feelings on several ads.


Well, that was prophetic.