Started walking in the mornings last week


Hee hee hee


Out the door at 7:06 and back at 8:07… I think the key is just to make yourself go even if you don’t want to.


There was a break in the rain so I got a walk in and locked myself out, so I’m hanging outside until my gf comes home for her lunch in an hour and a half.


Don’t yu keep a key under the frog


Been cool out the last couple mornings, wearing a hoodie now… started doing some situps everyday too.



I’m up to 50 sit ups a day, 25 twice a day and still walking too, need to start some beginner’s yoga and stuff I can do inside this winter. The number of other walkers and cyclists on the path seems to have fallen dramatically, yesterday I only saw one other person, two today.


Get those sit ups, push ups and butterfly kicks up to 1000 a day and you’ll be ready for BUD/S training.


Not that ambitious! :slight_smile:


I’m doing yoga to help diminish my back pain. It’s been tremendously helpful. I’m going to continue to practice it.


Can’t wait to get back to my morning walks

Here’s an amazing Reddit of before and after weight loss pics.


So a couple days ago on Canadian thanksgiving I was on the trail and all of a sudden something drops down out of a tree right by me and it’s a big turkey, then comes another one and another one… So yesterday I’m headed back past the same spot and there were about 15 turkeys who all ran up the path from me and then cut through the brush.

So this morning I’m walking and there’s no turkeys where I’ve been seeing them, but I get around the corner and there’s a couple big ones on the path up ahead and they let me get about 10ft from them and then one flys up from behind me right past my head and joins the two ahead of me, I look back and there’s another one coming… and another one…


They must be tame Turkeys

Wild Turkeys are definitely Shape shifters

The are like Odo in DS9


I dunno, I felt like the flying monkeys were attacking me.


It got cold here, it was like 34 this morning, I haven’t been walking in the cold and figured I wouldn’t…

I did start doing more indoor exercise though… right now I’m doing…

Running in place… 3 minutes
Squats x 30
SItups x 25
Leg lifts x 25 each leg
Kick outs x 10 in sets of 3
Jumping Jacks x 20 sets of 3
Pushups x 15 - Just starting to do pushups, doing standing pushups on the dresser
Running in place 3 minutes
Situps x 25

and I try to do this twice a day and gradually increasing things, takes less than 15 minutes.


That’s a pretty decent work out. Keep at it, you’ll get stronger and fitter.


Yeah I can feel it and I’m already starting to see some results from the situps which I’ve been doing longer. Plus it doesn’t take that long and I can just do it whenever. I’m getting a lot more fit but not really losing weight.


muscles outweigh fat, and are smaller, ergo muscles iz better.


Yeah and I think losing weight without exercise and building a little bit of muscle = flab… so I’m not too concerned about losing it real fast as long as I get more fit.


and I’m 6’2 190lbs right now, hope to get down to around 170, maybe 160 if I can, but it’s probably going to take some serious dieting. Maybe next year.

Edit - I think my height has probably shrank a couple inches the past couple years but haven’t remeasured myself.