Teacher stops having affair with student that



(satire peeps)




Why hello there Witchy. :wink:


I want you to know I wanted you back and everyone else said you were a witch, like an actual spell casting witch.


Well, tricks on you because they were right!


Plus I threatened them with Sinead O’Connor



Well, here’s hoping no one goes Kate Spade on us.


Hanging, not the norm for a woman looking to end things but it was obviously her chosen way out


That was pretty strange, especially on a doorknob. Yikes!


After Sylvia Plath it’s all just playing catch up.

I’m also of the mind that as long as you don’t go out on a murder-suicide sprees or a suicide by cop you are free to check out at any time. I find it horribly judgmental of people to continually tell someone considering suicide they are somehow morally or mentally deficient or are in need of professional help of some kind. People for the most part know suicide help lines exist and they are making the active choice to go. It’s one more life choice, the last one obviously, and is a personal one.


That was TBD’s argument as well. I just wonder where the line is between mental health issues and the wish to commit suicide. I get it for terminally ill individuals, easily, but I have to admit it’s difficult when I know people are perhaps mentally ill.


One should be of clear mind.


True story, I’ve never seen a Jury 180 like that before.


I don’t have any access to how it all went down. Needless to say, I’m pleased with the outcome.




I’d never heard of her before just a couple weeks ago, i heard her and her hub interviewed on NPR they sounded happy af, always looking ahead to the next adventure, weird.

Taped a year ago, I guess I heard a repeat