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Stocks made a minor recovery over the idea that the tax bill looks more likely.


All this tax nonsense can be undone after the D’s are back in power. Also, since Trump has zero legislative victories thus far everything he’s done can be undone by a stroke of the pen.


I liked Mathews’ comment that the Tax bill was like a daylight robbery where the robbers don’t even bother to wear masks, just walk into the bank and say “Give me all the money”.

How after all of the uproar about the wealthy and Wall street, the nasty corporations, needing to be reined in - there is hardly a peep over this premeditated public raping of the consumer class…
When the deficit soars then you know Ryan will go after his favorite targets - SS and Medicare.


That’s probably what the tax bill is about to begin with.


Looks like the ABC story got yanked on Twitter. Hrm.