That time the POTUS made a propaganda film for North Korea. Thanks Obama!



Jeebus H Vishnu on a Popsicle Stick.


He already envisioned (someone) building condos there and said it during the trip. I wonder who that someone is…:roll_eyes:


It beats killing tens of millions, doesn’t it?


Anything for most honorable, and let’s not forget slim and sexy, Chairman Kim. Beautiful!


Yes, the man was humble enough to suck up to a crazy dictator that killed his own brother with Vx

It all could end up in nothing, it all could start a fucking war or it could really end up in some good.

Which one are you rooting for?

You see, I think that admitting that the guy you don’t like is doing a good job shouldn’t take that much effort or decency from anyone. I remember approving many of Obama’s actions. Including the Iran deal. But Iran stepped out of line in Syria, Trump canceled the whole thing and they had that coming. Maybe they’ll be intelligent enough to make a new deal and forget about nukes for once, like NK says it will. But that’s an entirely different subject?

But tell me, how would you resolve the whole thing? Would be yelling like that fucking retarded Acosta guy?


Maybe you could make a list of world leaders who sucked weaker cock and how it all ended

trump is a far greater menace then 1000 fucking kims

but hey, I guess you like a return fo Nazi Germany


Why so angry?


Rancid - maybe you could splain why cheeto is sucking kim cock but not Iranian cock

take yer time


Do you know how many “Agreements” The US has worked out with NK over the last 50 years? Lots. This is not the 2nd coming of Jesus. But I hope for the best.




Just because I cursed a couple times? It was more of because of dismay than anger

It’s obvious you don’t have a better answer on how to solve the whole NK mess either.

I just want to point out that a couple day ago, Bill Maher said he’d like a recession so they could get rid of Trump “even if it hurt some people”.

I’m sure you’ll somehow try to twist and justify that, but the plain fact is, the antagonistic behavior has extrapolated from political views to pure blind hatred. And what’s funnier is that the effect of such unjustified hate is exactly popularity. People who didn’t care about politics will start looking and guess what happens next.


Because he doesn’t want to have sloppy seconds from Obama?


Oh BTW, Maher is just a guy with the gift of gab with a TV show, I sometimes agree with something he has said, and sometimes not.


I’m not interested in you enough to have a real discussion with you. That was established long ago with your sheer hatred of me.

So, I have answers. I just don’t wish to engage with you.


I agree with some things as well. I also disagree with other things.

Btw, I watched what he said, this was his premise: As long as the economy is doing well, the idiot electorate doesn’t care that our democratic institutions are being destroyed. So, his opinion is that it’s a good economy vs. a free society ruled by laws.

I don’t get too excited about what he said because there is a business cycle and we’re about overdue for another recession.


And yet, you think you’re interesting enough to be hated by anyone

I think your historic at these boards tells a different story when it comes to intolerance, but let’s leave it at that.

I enjoy the rest of the posters enough to ignore you. The board already lost a good one.


You are welcome to stop posting to me as well. Toodles.