The Barbarians are at the gates release the noxious gases!



But tear gas is fine.

As I’ve said, I’ve volunteered to go through it

Helps get rid of the sickness :wink:


Cool story. I have eaten things that would kill other people. A good reason to force it on them for trying to make a better life.


Tear gas i not fatal

If they were trying to make a better life, why are they trying to be criminals? Criminals don’t get asylum.



too-obvious troll is too obvious



4ooo estimated dead and or missing on this bought and paid for publicity stunt.


How many gang members and cartel mixed into this highly publicized stunt?

I wonder how many women have been raped by these innocent refugees.


Still too obvious.


Wow, no cartel guy could never find an easier way into the USA


Shame you don’t think these thoughts, too.



What thoughts? You asked vague questions with no answers. What exactly am I supposed to be thinking?


I, too, can act like an idiot. Get woke. :wink:


Your sense of the obvious is whelming.


You admit you’re acting like an idiot?



Well I do keep replying to you, so yeah.


I have to force myself to stop, often.


San Pedro Sula…now there’s a place that’s a large and sickening chunk of the Raygun-Bush legacy.




Do you have answers yet, or still just hysteria?