The Big Fat Noisy Bitch Upstairs is Being a Big Fat Noisy Bitch


Did I tell you about my Marpac Dohm?


Is that a rice cooker? That is one cool looking rice cooker!




Fine don’t tell me, idgaf!




I know we spoke of Pink Noise but this is a White Noise machine. Noise as you know, comes in a variety of colors. White interferes with all frequencies and is a sound masker. That way when the happy hippo is tromping around while I am sleeping it is not so disturbing that I am awakened.

Then there is the Black Seed Oil.


Who knows what they are saying, but they sound pretty…and look pretty too.

PS: of course, as we know, looks has nothing to do with sounds.

PPS: listening through to the run-on songs. Very nice.