The Coming Tesla Nightmare



Daily short seller statues --------------------------> fucked again


I keep seeing more and more charging stations around here and in the valley.


Look, Tesla is benefiting from the salesmanship of it’s product, the belief that it represents the future. Sooner or later investors will begin to pay attention to the cold, hard facts and Tesla will Crash. Be careful!

By the way, Trump is a big fan of Tesla, he believes that the technology can be utilized in his golf carts and it may be good enough for his guests to drive off the resort grounds and drive around town, maybe even check out the beach. Time will tell.


Short the motherfucker - see what happens


Sorry, but this is just another Bubble like the Housing Crisis and NASDAQ.

Are you not aware that the FED has pumped 4 Trillion and lowered interest rates 4 times in the last year? Equals Bubble. Save yourself, get out while you can.