The Economic Illiteracy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


What a stunned cunt shilling for her progtard paymasters.


So let’s discuss what’s here.


Her chief of staff resigned amid fraud allegations. she campaigned against jobs in her own constituency, her green new deal is a helluva of a deal for billionaire progtard paymasters, but will kill good paying jobs across the US like she does in her own district.

She is a race dividing, idiotic bartender who’s insane policies would turn the US into a big Venezuela while making the US an even bigger dumping ground for illegal aliens. If someone assassinates that stunned cunt ,there will be one less vacancy in hell. Same goes for the entire field of hypocritical democRATs seeking that party’s nomination for president.


She is literally 1/535th of Congress, meanwhile don Cheeto is fucking the USA every which way but loose… Methinks you’re a Trumptard dupe. Military Planes are being routed hundreds of miles out of their way to make the crews stay at Trump properties. And you guys are crying over an enthusiastic junior junior Congress Person. Grow up.


Unsupported opinion and arguing from the specific to the general.

You’ve come with some decades-old and easily turned tools. Please, try to argue your thesis.


None of these “points” appear to be discussed in the article you linked in the OP. I did read your article, which is nearly as hysterical as some of the posts by that Korean dude at BC. The author “Jonathan Church” is said to be an economist (and he does go on as though he was the only sane economist in the world) but for some reason he isn’t in Wikipedia.

Quillette, though, is in Wikipedia where I read that its publisher is an Aussie woman who is a member of the “intellectual dark web” i.e. a righty who’s already published at least one hoax piecw which was embellished with her own ideological slant.

So, your OP is uninspiring and when asked to discuss it you pulled out a shotgun.

Do better.


Meanwhile the cash grabbing literacy of Trump