The father of the world wide web is one disappointed dad



Al Gore has not aged well.


He makes some excellent points.


If I wasn’t so busy this afternoon, I’d draw a dick on his face and post it on FB.


Gore invented the “Information Super Highway” and laugh as you may, he did play a significant role in getting the internet to the masses.


Yes he did, I heard a very interesting interview from one of the internet pioneers that even said as much, Gore helped pass some key legislation that opened the web to us plebes.


Six calls bullshit on him inventing it

it was fucking invented he just used it different


He never said he invented it, he was talking about how as a legislator he pushed for funding to set up the infrastructure


He “invented” the term “Information Super Highway” but like the guys said, he really opened the door in terms of legislation. No one actually credits him with inventing the internet…well no one with half a brain anyway.


Then he shud get back in his tent








Cause he did not invent a fucking thing - dats why

Father of the WWW - gimme a break

Mother fuckers wot made x21 is the pappies


Hey rabbit

Did I ever tell I had lunch with John Mauchly once


And he never fucking said he did, and I already said so in this here thread in the post that you QUOTED ME saying as much, so that’s why I am asking you why


Berners-Lee’s kid turned into a damn monster.


So you are talking about Berners-Lee. Do you know what existed before the World Wide Web?


Yeah, I taught him a thing or two


I dunno who that is