The quarantine diaries


Turned out to be a murder scene, a homeless person killed a female homeless advocate social worker who had turned her life around at a group home.


Quarantine Diaries Day 7

Haven’t really had time to keep up with this. Been working as an “essential employee” which while I’m glad to have a paycheck, I’m also concerned for my physical and mental health because shit has been stressful.

My friend and I have both dedicated ourselves to heading to Portland hopefully soon where we will be able to afford our own apartment. California has been fun but the cost of housing here is over the top which seems to put us in one sucky situation to the next and we’re both over it here…

Also I’m totally happy to be with her out here and during this vs anyone else I know. We are an unstoppable team. Smart, energetic, positive and we might be at the bottom for a minute we are still on top compared to most and moving in the right direction.


I would assume Portland rent might be a little more affordable than North Bay, Portland is the big city and economic hub of the region, but rising rents have been an issue up there for a few years, just like all up and down the coast.

do yer reserch


we’ve been looking, it’s not cheap but it’s better than this and a good place for us.


on to the next one, besides staying in one place too long is boring…


The Willamette Week used to be slightly counter-cultural now days pretty main stream

There may be other newer ones, but this has been the more diverse alt. news weekly for pdx


and this is a newer Chamber of Commerce style daily

I don’t think he does it anymore, but Pamplin the gillionaire owner of that paper, used to do a spring challenge at a local private College whoever could last(or beat maybe, not sure) him doing push ups would get free tuition for a full year.


she could totally beat him


That sucks big fucking time.


Best of luck, it’s extremely expensive in the BA. Long term, I’m out of here. Not even that long term, maybe 3-4 years after this economic downturn.


Portland is kind of sort of a “bedroom” or 2nd choice for what might have been Bay Area Start up spill over,
I understand a lot of the old retail spaces in downtown PDX are new start ups, lots of app companies etc


Quarantine Diaries Day 8

On the way to work this morning I observed a worker in full biohazard gear police taping off the dog park. Work is crazy, almost everyone is calling out… we were fairly busy but probably because we didn’t have nearly as many budtenders as usual.

Someone I’m close to who lives in another state has been confirmed after a trip to Disney in FL a couple weeks ago. I think there’s a real chance this one will take people close to us all and maybe even a few of us. Stay safe…


That’s what I’m thinking. Actuarially, if IL stays on SIP for the full 3 months (til June 15) there will be 8K deaths in the state from this virus, and on a per capita basis that would mean about 18 deaths in this county.


Try to keep your distance. Watch where you walk.


I think it’s going to be worse.


Safe bet. We haven’t even reached the tangent point of the upcurve yet.


I have a few older neighbors around me, that are not in the best of health…I’m reasonably healthy, but I am in the higher risk age group,


ACTUAL medical experts are saying we will be in the shits around 1 May, which according to my calendar, comes after Easter.


Pretty sure the guy of the couple we rent a room/bathroom from has it and we think she’s sick too. He has COPD and they are both smokers.