The quarantine diaries


Day 1

My day off work, I laid around in bed for awhile, went and searched for a few basic necessities, finally scored a loaf of bread, got called in for work, put on a couple hours of overtime updating the site etc, came home, ate tacos, getting ready to go for a walk.


Hey, we’re having tacos tonight too. Congrats on the loaf of bread, SCORE!


I ventured out to get a HDMI cable.

Scored one, and got some can cat
food, and deli corned beef (got to
have corned beef at least once a
year or I lose my Irish card).

Since I stocked up on the cat food
a week before I usually do, I got
one weeks less. I ain’t being greedy.

Oh, and I have my tv/computer hooked
up, with a the tv showing a video from

But it really didn’t look that different out
on the streets. Usual traffic for the time
of day. However there is this tension
hanging in the air. But that’s all.


I couldn’t find any toilet paper or paper towels but I did score a couple packs of party napkins.


I haven’t been in a store in a couple days, so are people still buying shitloads of tp, or has the supply chain just not caught up with the run?


No TP around here. It’ll be a week or so
for the supply chain to get it caught up.


Gonna head out tomorrow after the Mrs gets her dad’s list. We’ll see what’s there


we went for a long walk and just got back, it’s a ghost town, kinda surreal…


If you’re having trouble getting eggs at the supermarket Wabbit, Olivera Ranch up on Piedmont has eggs, they open at 9 am. I called them this morning.


Fixed it for you.:grin:


Quarantine Diaries Day 2

We’re considering bugging out to a pot farm up around Lake Tahoe where there’s a fully stocked house or trailer for us to live in to ride this thing out.

I’m starting to think a total economic collapse is also imminent with all our Chinese manufacturing down whether Americans got sick or not. Think about this, all of these food companies are probably in the same boat with their packaging as we are at the weed company.


Chill out, We have a War Time President in the WH now, Victory is in sight!

But on the other Hand, Lake Tahoe is fucking beautiful!


Be careful. This is the kind of shit happening
up here.


Gov Newsom just expanded the shelter-in-place to all of CA. Devin Nunes is gonna be PISSED (if he ever actually sets foot here)


Sounds like hospitals handling multiple cases are already overwhelmed and running out of supplies and the number of cases is rising fast with up to 50% of Californians projected to contract the virus in the next eight weeks. Hope we can get out before we get sick and/or aren’t allowed to leave.


A local Hospital Employee yesterday asked for anyone interested to sew up some masks.

John Doe
March 17 at 6:10 PM
facebook friends. If you are bored at being sequestered at home and have a sewing machine, would you be willing to make masks for my hospital? let me know if you or anyone with sewing skills may be interested, we can use all the help we can get from the community. Please check with your local hospital if you are not in the Portland Metro area first. there is a nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment. If they don’t have the need I’d gladly take them. Oh, if you have stash of industrial n95 or surgical masks I promise I would find a good home for those as well.



Looks like we don’t have anywhere to escape to, still hustling weed and wondering when I’m going to start showing symptoms. We’ve been walking a lot, it’s as dead out as Illinois was. Walked to the store earlier but it was closed early, on the way back we walked by two houses taped off and guarded by police with an operational command center van, not sure what that was all about.


Yikes, hopefully it was only a meth lab bust.


I will be on complete lock down as of Monday. Fortunately I have a large nature preserve near me.:slightly_smiling_face:


Probably someone that doesn’t want to obey quarantine.