The Trump Administration Wants Restaurant Servers To Do More Work For Less Pay



Tipped workers here make minimum wage + tips.

Min wage is $11? now? Not sure.

Not paying your employees based on the graciousness of your customers is SCUMMY.


Yes and no. Some high-end restaurants actually charge waiters to work there because the tips they generate are ridiculously high. But for your garden variety Applebees/etc I think a lower wage with a guarantee of AT LEAST min at the end of the day would be ok, even with a caveat that if you make more than the hourlies make there might be a codicil of tip-sharing.


Places like Anthony’s and the such share tips. I was told to leave a tip on the check versus the table, so it could be accurately shared.


Who the fuck would leave a tip if the wait staff don’t get it

mother fuckers shud stop leaving any tips to bring the fucking owners to their knees by then being forced to pay up for lack of tips

this bullshit prop wud go away quick


Where I live, the tip is 10%, and it’s built in.


I’ll eat somewhere else before I allow restaurant management to dictate how I tip. Fuck a buncha that.

Unlike many of you, I’ve fukin worked in the food & beverage industry. It’s always been common for employees to share tips. Wait staff has always tipped out kitchen and bar staff at the end of their shifts.

I once worked a service bar where there were 10-12 waitresses being served by 2 bartenders. I always had a rough idea in my head about how much I’d busted ass for Sally, compared to Suzy, and I expected their tip sharing with me to reflect the fact that they knew it too. In the event that a waitress undertipped me without an excuse, I simply stopped taking my usual level of care of her until she figured it out.

There’s a whole set of protocols for that shit, across the industry. If management is trying to get in on it, it’s because the IRS is riding their ass about under-reported or imputed tips and as usual, trying t chisel the little guys instead of auditing the millionaires.


The waitress told me this.


Trust me, it’s not her idea. Not unless she’s a moron.


I agree. Word just came from her.