Things that make you go "ewwww!" (Warning, Contents may cause violent cringing)



I hate to disbelieve her, but she’s shared so many “alternative facts”, I’m not sure what she’s left for me to find credible when she speaks.


I would not touch her under threat of death


One would not want to touch “Dr” Ford, either.


35 years ago, she may have been younger.


You right. About your post, too.



Have you seen Kavanaugh? He’s an ugly crybaby bitch his ownself.


I don’t judge men like that, so


rolls eyes


He’s just a typical older man to me… :joy::joy:
Something about being heterosexual I guess



Right, because heterosexual men don’t judge other men as to whether they’re better looking than them or not.



I mean I don’t :man_shrugging:


Think I upchucked a little.


Because no 15 year old girl with braces was ever prettier by the time she turned 17.

Boro should be ashamed of this one.


80 year old women get raped by men in their 20’s

rape is an act of violence


Jennifer Garner as a teenager. What’s your point?


Keep it Classy Republicans.


LOL savage