This humor thread has gone to pot






Scientists have discovered a painkiller that will not cause addiction. When asked for details about this miracle drug, scientists said, “OK, OK, it’s pot.”






I wish I had some weed right now!!!



ROFLMAO greatest caption for this pic EVER to bad it has a dark (no pun intended) to it

Does anyone know what happened to that kid anyway?


I wondered about that myself some time back and checked. No one has ever really tried to track him down. The woman in the meme has spoken a few times on the circumstances of the photo. It was a short fleeting encounter at a market while she was doing some WHO work in northern Uganda in 2012. It was a small village, so if the kids still alive, he could probably be located. It’s unlikely he has any idea his picture has been posted a million times on the Internet.


I got a call form him the other day, he works in a Call Center for Microsoft helping guys like me out with error messages they can detect, nice guy helped me out a lot.


Trivia question:

What do Batman and hydrogen have in common?


I know what he has in common with sodium but not hydrogen…


Bot have no families :smiley:





Wtf is a pie massage?