To our Friends in the Carolinas and surrounding areas, don't fear the Hurricane, y'all are now safe



We’re keeping score on this one, Pat.


Name it and Claim it, folks. If Jeebus doesn’t grant yer every wish, you just don’t have enough faith. 'S why we have Pat Robertson to be the Grand Magus to cast 'em for us… his faith isn’t even shaken by things like the prior hundred times it never worked!


I have a couple of friends who followed their number one son to San Diego when they retired. When he moved back to the east coast they were overjoyed, they couldn’t wait to get away from all the excrement on the side walks of San Diago. I got an e mail from them today, they had just arrived back on the east coast and they were exhausted. The place that they will be renting is located between North and South Carolina. I kid you not.:grin:


San Diego is a Republican enclave, Talk to your people LittleRambo1, tell them to get their shit together.


They are all CC rebel mother fuckers anyway


I thought this was appropriate.

Lots of Christians are gonna get it long and hard.




But doesn’t the water put out the fire?


It was always burning since the world was turning.


We didn’t start the fire.






Thus spake Trumpenpustule, “This was a bad hurricane, In terms of water Florence has been one of the wettest hurricanes ever, I blame Hillary’s Emails”