Todays Funny






I’ve officially retired from school busing, just btw.


yeah but I thought you still might chuckle at this


I did give it a Like. I should mention, although I never tried making a thread here, there is a true subculture among school bus drivers and the prevailing sense of humor ranges from “slapstick” to “quite dark.”

Maybe the lockdown will give me time to post a few.




My girlfriend was just like a spicy burrito.

It hurt when she left me











A man and his wife are exploring the woods. They stumble upon a suitcase.

The man opens the suitcase to discover two mice inside that don’t appear to be alive.

“Oh my gosh, are they moving?” exclaims the man’s wife.

The man replies “I don’t know, but that would explain the suitcase.”


I think we have the right man on the case.someone, duh duh dun! To take on “The case of the rat’s asses in the case”

are we there yet


I am watching Squint con a silly brown man into doing the heavy lifting on a grave robbery.


oh and then he does some severe psy-op torture on the little brown man pushing him to the brink of death…but the kind white man is compassionate and saves him in the end, but just by a thread.