Today's Special Guest Bird - The Brown Creeper


I rarely see more than two per year. Hadn’t seen one all year till today. A tiny bird which blends well into tree bark - always, in my experience, solitary with respect to its species, but will travel as do many others, with the Black Capped Chickadee, as it was today.



And speaking of the Chickadee, and since you were wondering…

if I was a bird, the bird I’d most like to be is the Black Capped Chickadee…dee dee

It is a small bird and one might think delicate bird, but it is more hardy and able to weather the harsh winter as ably as it does the summer’s heat. Always makes a living no matter the apparent hardships. It is gregarious, like O’Malley, it is the leader of the band which includes its relatives the Nuthatch and Titmouse, and friends - the Warblers, Kinglets, Woodpeckers and others. Always calling out, keeping its rainbow coalition together. When I hear it speak, I wait, knowing I am in for a treat.


…and it reminds me of a favorite Winter song (apologies to Spoon).