Triumph Of The Fail


Inside the Rise and Fall of The Donald Trump.

A Documentary made of Trump in 2000, that was supposedly buried till now (whatever smiley)

TL,DW, A leopard never changes it’s spots.


Trump Shuttle? Yet another failed business? God, I detest that lowlife piece o’ crap.

Haha. There’s a nice shot of his bald head in 1988. No wonder he tried to kill this video.


Don’t want to watch the whole thing, where’s the headshot?


I was only able to stomach ten minutes. I think it was in the first 4-6.

Edit: It’s at 3:00. Nice big bald spot in the back.


It’s interesting in that he is the same guy, same hyperbole, same hucksterism…he’s just hoodwinked his way to a bigger scam.