tRump blocks Twit followers, Constitutional crisis ensues


The thought being that a Government Official opens up a public space and blocks certain parties based on their agreement with him.


Empeech the Rooskie mole!


If Trump is providing the official position of the White House /Government, the true and real position, then these people might have a case.


Is his Twitter “official media”?

I feel like it isn’t.


He says it is. He says not to listen to “fake news” but to get the truth from his Twitter.


Your “feelings” notwithstanding, the words of the President are the President’s words.


Considering about 75-80% of what we hear from him is via Twitter, I’d say its a official forum for his communicative stylings.


Yeah, it is not like every single word he writes on Twitter doesn’t get poasted immediately by the fake nooz crew anyway.