Trump impeachment


Yeah, so?





God thinks he’s so smart,




Trump doesn’t care about the harm our enemies cause us. He’ll side with whomever will make a deal with him.

That’s exactly what happened in the Ukraine, he wanted something done and coerced them by withholding much needed aid.


Aid that was signed sealed and all but delivered by Congress and The Pentagon, as part of an ongoing arrangement


Whatcha thinking there, bubbles?




Is this impeachment still going nowhere?


The House just voted to “formalize the inquiry” or whatever the fuck it was the GOP had been begging for for weeks, even though there is no provision for that in the rule book, it passed and the wheels of Justice continue to turn.


Even tho the gop was begging for it, they voted against it. Smfh


That was only so that they can tell their ignorant constituents that they did.


More winning.