Trump jumps on the bandwagon and accuses Qatar of funding Terrorism, what happens next will blow your mind!



I mean it. This is actually the eighth circle of hell and we’re all in it.


Qatar controls half the helium on the planet

used in MRI and lasers and sich

were fucking ourselves again

I shud buy helium futures

the price is gona go fucking ballistic


In most forms of mysticism including Buddhism and even Churchianity if studied closely, isn’t the material world basically considered to be hell?

I’ve thought of it as that way for a long time.


Yes. I think it is. But it seems to be even more hellish than hell these last ten years or so.


Really? When I take that in, it sounds funny to me.


Does that mean we won’t be able to afford to laugh at all this?


Yer quips make me light headed


Does that mean that helium will rise?


I assure you they are of noble intent, meant only for inert-ainment.


Captain John Carter is not happy about this thread.