TRUMP lost his shit today at a presser




Splain - I have not been watching


Ai can bez inturn!



No, it’s not a complete sentence but that’s okay, Miss Manners


No, he’s not feeling the heat.


Trump is taking his bat and his ball away from Jim Acosta.


Predictably, Pig Sanders lied about the reason for the revocation.


I called this when it first broke that he’d stepped on his dick again.

“He always doubles down after stepping on his dick,” I observed. “He’ll find a way to make this twice as bad.”


The big meltdown is very close

I hope anywho


It’s underway.



Fox News Endorses CNN Law Suit against Trump


It seems that now that it’s been proven that he’s not invincible, everyone but hard core morons are starting to turn on him, nationally and internationally.


Srsly - his own economic guy sed any deal with China will have the stench of WS on it

On fucking national tv

he ain’t allowed to talk to the public any more and will prolly be fired

Kudlow was furious

you know you are a decent human if kudlow calls you a douche

he is a scumbag of the highest order - he has been on my obit list at least 15 years