Turkey in economic crisis




Turkey is holding the preacher in hopes of trading him for Obi-Wan who lives about 15 mins from here


That’s not going to happen, nor should it. Fuck 'em.


Trump don’t give a rats ass about Obi - he would prob do it

Flynn was gona kidnap him for 15 million and take him to turkey

That would not have gone well

He is more then just casually protected


Trump also doesn’t give a fuck about Turkey. He is doubling down on tariffs. Though he doesn’t seem to know what he’s going to do one day to the next.


His gated hideaway - Flynn was gona strole in and grab him



Yeah, right.

I don’t know anything about this clergyman. I do know that Erodgan is a tyrant though.


WTF is going on in Turkey, WTAF?

Why Turkey, why?


Turkey has 1/2 the GDP of Florida

who gives a fuck

turks suck anyway

fucking animals -