U.s. women on birth control could be barred from working if missouri lawmakers get their way




WTF? That’s from the Onion, really, right?


And yet LIBs also protext against the anti-sharia marches. Which way do you want it LIBs?


Yet another false equivalency from Deport!


Is Missery on CA’s list of banned states?


It’s on my list.

Has been ever since TURD FERGUSON told me about East St. Louis.


East St. Louis is in Illinois.


I believe this was also pointed out at the time.


East St. Louis is great, that’s where all the titty bars are.


So are they going to not hire men who use condoms too?

I don’t know WTF is wrong with your lawmakers that they can’t get out of women’s uteri?


How would they know about the jimmyhatz? Men don’t use insurance for those do they?


Quit playing like us taking birth control isn’t doing your gender a favour.


I prefer my women not to be on birth control because it seems to make them even nuttier and usually gain weight. I use the trusty pull out method and never drop seamen in the fish tank.


Not to mention weed lowers the sperm count


…because a woman’s job is making babies…

…when she isn’t making sammichis


Vasectomy is the only way to go!


They don’t want all these “welfare babies” so they are punishing women on birth control

Red State Logic


I agree. Leave teh hormones alone.


I don’t plan on having any kids but no way I’d ever get neutered!


Now, that there is red state logic.